Subby Application

If you wish to serve, always remember. My happiness, is your priority.

I accept drive by boys, and those that hope to serve long term.

What I’m looking for.

A sub that is respectful, honest, selfless, resourceful, reliable, curious, and open.

If you are excited about the opportunity to be my little puppet, send me an email to with answers to the following questions, along with a e-gift to brighten my day!

What draws you to me, and what type of relationship do you hope to form, with me?

What title suits you best, and makes you twitch?

Are you after sessions, or long term service?

What words, or phrases drive you wild?

What are your soft, and hard limits?

What qualities do you believe that a good slave, should have?

What are your weaknesses, and what qualities about yourself do you hope to improve upon?

What weekly, or monthly tribute can you afford?

When did these subby feelings start for you, and do you see servitude as a means of escape from the real world or,  a role, that you fulfill?

Rules and Expectations

You can call me “Miss.” I am not your girlfriend, I am your Mistress. I don’t care about your crotch. It makes me smile, knowing that you’re aching, and going without, for me.

My Dislikes

Unreliability, dishonesty, excuses, bigots, disrespectful behavior towards Me, or other Women, and badmouthing your former Owners.

Hard Limits

Anything illegal, scat, watersports, sexual acts, or meeting up.