16 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Yes, Ms. Laveau! I am absolutely WILD about Ms. Laveau’s scented intimates. I imagine Heaven must smell like this. She is also a very smart and resourceful Lady, who dishes out some amazing SPH content and assignments. I am very happy to give Ms. Laveau control over my little thimbledick.


  2. Ive been purchasing exquisite unmentionables from M for at least 6 years now. I’m happy to say that I love her sense of style as well as her delightful scent. Some of my favorite pairs that I play in have come from Ms Laveau’s boudoir. I believe you will be very happy with any purchase you make with M!


  3. I remember first buying Ms. Laveau’s goodies about 7 years ago. Fast forward and thousands of dollars later spent on others’ panties and subsequent disappointment, I pretty much exclusively, only purchase her panties because she never disappoints. Mega bonus points for being nerdy and geeky. Absolutely worth your time and money XD


  4. Miss absolutely has the best panties I’ve ever bought. The smell is divine, the service is excellent, the panties themselves are gorgeous, and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I bought from someone else. Simply the best.


  5. Sometimes it feels forever ago and other times as if it were just yesterday that I was Her first ever panty purchase! If you like your items strong with a rich earthy scent She’s just the person to turn to. Her tastes in fashion can’t be beat and has a true appreciation for the finer fabrics! đź’ś


  6. Lady Laveau is absolutely wonderful! I purchase a used nylon stockings from her and get full of joy and pleasure!!!

    What I felt with her nylon stockings was absolutely out of this world!! I worshipped them and they gave me a so huge pleasure that I can only surrender as if I was under her power through the nylon stockings! Her nylon stockings took me to the paradise and fill my body and soul with an uninterrupted pleasure! Oh my God, her nylon stockings are so divine!!! Now, I worship her nylon stockings almost everyday!!!

    Yes, Lady Laveau is a Goddess of pleasure!!!


  7. Ms. Laveau’s panties have been some of the best worn/used panties that I have come across and have bought over 40 pairs of her panties in the 5+ years that I have know her. If you are a sniffer and don’t have Ms. Laveau’s panties in your collection it isn’t complete so stop wasting your money on other girl’s panties and pick up a pair of Ms. Laveau’s heavenly scented panties.


  8. This is the first time I’ve purchased used panties and I have to say I am very pleased. If you like used panties for the scent I don’t think you could find s better source. This may be my first purchase but I guarantee it won’t be my last.


  9. One pair is all it will take and you will be hooked on the wonderful scent of Miss Laveau. Her panties are a must have for any panty enthusiast.

    I found myself sniffing them repeatedly the day I got them in the mail. I thought I could put them down and walk away but I continue to keep going back, craving one more sniff of her scent. Now, days later I am finding myself dealing with what I call a ghost scent. I don’t even have her panties near me yet I keep thinking I can smell them. My mind is craving that next sniff and it is consuming my thoughts.

    Her amazing panties and wonderful personality will have you hooked and thinking about the next pair right away!


  10. It will only take one pair and one sniff to realize that Miss Laveau will deliver some amazing panties with a scent that is addicting.

    Her scent will drive you wild and her mischievous personality will keep you on your toes. I’ve already found myself going back to her panties often as I just can’t seem to stay away. And now I’m enjoying what I would call a ghost scent where I often think I can smell them even though they are nowhere near me.

    Her scent will become your addiction and begin to take control of your thoughts. Highly recommended to anyone that is a lover of scent.


  11. This woman is ultra hot! I started chatting with her, and knew right away that I wanted some of her well worn panties. The whole process was so easy and professional. I ordered a 3 day wear from her, and OMG my hands trembled as I breathed in her womanly musk. One of the sexiest scented panties Ive ever received. Her panties are what every panty perv out there would love to find in a hot girls dirty clothes pile. Highly recommend this sexy woman. Especially if you have had difficulties in the past getting what you want as far as wear preference.Thank You Miss <3<3<3<3


  12. I’ve made my 1st purchase with Ms. Laveau late in 2016 but just getting around to leaving a few words now. Apologies for the late response, Ms. Laveau! My first purchase included 2 panties & my 1st sniff had me instantly hooked, spending hours with Ms. Laveau’s panties spread over my face & wishing she was sitting comfortably on my face with that smokin’ hot booty! I loved rubbing the panties all over my face, felt so hot! I just sat back & breathed in that sweet aroma. I later picked out a pair that I wanted to slip into & they were a perfect fit. It felt so nice feeling them riding up my ass with every bend & move I made, felt so naughty sexy & comfortable & they kept my little “clitty” in place. I just absolutely love this woman’s lovely scented panties & am making plans for another purchase within 1-2 months. I can’t wait to sniff Ms. Laveau again! She’s a true professional & is highly recommended for all you fellow panty lovers! You will not be disappointed, get hooked on Ms. Laveau’s scent now & cum crawling back for more. 1 sniff just isn’t enough, pervs!


  13. I just received my 1st order from LadyLaveau and couldn’t be more pleased. Her sweet aroma is intoxicating and gave me an imstant boner. She added a personable touch, keeping me update throughout the sale and delivery. I highly recommend this seller.


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