Financial Domination


Hello, potential puppet…


What I want, my devoted wallet, is new plaything. A plaything, that strives to please, sacrifice, and feel relaxed, fulfilled, and satisfied, by giving in, being drained, and powerless, all because of Me.

I know how satisfying it is for you, to relinquish control, to have a purpose, as my drone. It’s easy to serve, and sacrifice for me, because you know that you are only good for one thing, and you’re going to do it well.

I want you to grow, and become the best pay pet that you can be. Succumbing to me, your “Miss,” your superior, makes you feel intoxicated and satisfied, each and every time that you sacrifice, giving me the rush that I love.That sexy high that I get, with each and every sacrifice from you. Show me, through your selfless actions, that you NEED to please me, my little admirer.

I want to get inside of your head, pick you apart, and mold you into my perfect financial slave


Let’s begin.


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Things that I enjoy, outside of BDSM

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