“What got you into this sort of thing?”

Well, I’ve been sharing my panties, with lucky fetishists, online, for about seven years now. We share the same interests, so, I’m at home, here! Besides, I LOVE the idea of you getting hooked on my scent, and doing your best, to make me smile. You kinky bastards.

I’ve always been mischievous, and making you squirm, makes me giddy. Knowing that you’re working hard to keep me happy, turns me on. You good, selfless thing you. x

“Will you show your face?”


“May I serve as a cuckold?”

No, you silly thing. Pups belong outside of the bedroom.  Now, if you’d love to tribute, as a beta boy, that’s another story, but you aren’t going to be a part of my sex life.

“Will you have sex with me, on cam, or in any other way?”

No. Not an escort. What made you think that was an option for you? I don’t want that thing. lol

“What if I offer to pay more?”

Leave, now.

“What can I get for free?”

The hell off my screen. Just kidding.

I offer free  ignore sessions. No need to apply, starting now. I know, I’m a giver.

You’re welcome.