Introducing Fifi, the Pin Dicked Foot Lover!

This eager little foot loving sissy, wrote me a few days ago, begging to be put on display. How could I pass THIS up? Hahaha


What’s even better, is he loves to be kept in chastity. You boys know when you’re twitching, eager, and pulsing for me, with no hope of release. It helps to keep you focused on what is important. I love knowing that you’ll pratically be panting when you finally get a chance to indulge yourself with my scent.

Did seeing this pathetic “man” make you laugh, or do you feel bad for the poor lamb? Comment, below, and tell us what you REALLY think.

That distraction, between his legs, is going to entertain me in the only way, that it can.  It’s a joke, and nothing more. A joke that is going to keep him wrapped around my finger.



WHEW! 3 Day POTENT VS Cotton Boyshorts

I’m back at it, glistening with sweat, and panting, and I can’t get enough!

Had a great day cycling, and doing yoga, after chatting with a lot of you, sniffers, tonight. What were you thinking?


I don’t have much planned for the evening, just hanging out, relaxing with a margarita, and binge watching Penny Dreadful. I am HOOKED. Why the hell didn’t you tell me about this show?! I’ll never forgive you. Evah.

Anywho, I’ve been hitting the post office HARD, with these bundles. The last few have been full of no less than 6 pairs, and I’m packing  another, for an old friend, this weekend.


This, is today’s pair, and it’s still up for grabs, if you’re ready for me. Cotton, covered in kitty, ass, sweat, all over. I LOVE IT. MMMPH! lol

Look at that!

It’s $50 for this sexy treat, and it’s first cum, first serve, sniffer!


Anywho, i’m off to watch more of this show, and probably drag queens, for the rest of the night. Dreamy smile. Write me, and I’ll get you ALL SET.


New Pictures & One Happy Sniffer

Check out the new, sexy additions to my growing collection. My favorites? The sheer, the silky, and snug.

Look at this little pervert happy sniffing away at my panties, as his tiny pepper twitches. Did it keep you up at night? It must be hard, with small distractions taunting you as you drift off to sleep.


Thimbledick tries his best to measure up, but…come on, we all know. *Kisses and Bites, Panty Bitch!*

Happy “Masked” Sissy

Look at how happy this girly fag is! “He’s” lucky to have the opportunity to play dress up, in some of my sexy pink clothes. Look at him brushing out his new do! Hahaha

Look at that smile! There’s no faking that. That is one proud fagamuffin.

Curse these allergies!


Hey panty lovers, how goes it?

I’m still a little under the weather, and sluggish, but I’m happy to say that


Take THAT! Coughs

I’ll be posting pictures of my progress, to keep me smiling. I’m excited! It’s different, and I’m doing it for fun. I’m sore, but in the best way.

To celebrate getting my ass in gear, I’m sharing cotton panties for $25, from now on, and it’s $15 for each day. Silky and sexier pairs will remain the same. Don’t worry, I’ll make a new tab, for the different types, so that there’s no confusion.

Today, I shipped off a pair for a friend from reddit! I’d post a pic, but it’s a surprise. ❤

Chef has this smelly workout pair on the way, tomorrow, and I’ll have another for you before the week is out. You’re one of the few that love a good WORKOUT!

along with SissyPants’ bundle, and SD’s smelly pair is coming along nicely, as well! Kitty, and Sissypants have bundles on the way.

Kitty has something very sexy in store, for him… Grins

Talk soon, sniffers.


See the sexy, dried juices in there?

These silky, smelly pairs are on my way to my Sissy Kitten! There’s another, but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is. Surprise!

Right now, I’m wearing this comfy cotton pair of hipsters, and it’s perfect for an ass lover! They’ve soaked in my scent from all over!



It has been two days, and that spicy scent really IN there. I love them! Do you see the dried juices along my bikini line? Mmmmmmm…Taste this pair for me! If you’d like to share them with me, write me ASAP!

I’m also working on a smelly surprise for a certain chef.

I hope they knock your socks off, buddy ;D!


Sexy Valentine Panties!

“Love is in the air!” …or maybe that’s something else. *Sniffs* Definitely somethin’ sweeter. lol

I’ve just uploaded pictures of my snug cotton Valentine themed panties, from Victoria’s Secret! I may post more, tonight, if I have a little time to myself.


I’m in this sweet pair “as we speak!” It’s a gorgeous day, so I took advantage of the weather, and took a nice, LONG walk around the neighborhood. It has only been a day, but it worked up quite a scent.

Follow me, via email, to get an update with lots of pics of what’s available, and click the sexy click, above, to see pictures of the new dirty pairs, and write me, to get your paws on em!