Relaxing after a busy day.

What’s everyone up to tonight?

Have a fun weekend full of mischief and mayhem? I’m settling in for the night, dinner is cooling off, and I’m updating WoW because a certain SOMEONE (Kevin *cough*) reimbursed me for today. I’m spent after spring cleaning but it was all worth it.

Tell me what you’ve been up to.


Be a Good Cuck and Serve Your Black & Japanese Alpha Couple

I’m flying out on June 10th to see my Beau in Portland, puppet, and YOU are going to reimburse us!


That little distraction  between your legs is already twitching with excitement isn’t it? You know I’m right.

Just look at my eager skank Kevin here. Wearing my dress, happyily wagging his “tail,” knowing that he’s put a smile on both of our faces.


We all know that he’s just eager to see a creampie panty though, don’t we? There’s no sense in hiding it, but he wouldn’t bother.


He’s a proud sissy skankette!

If you’d love to sniff, lick, and wear a sticky pair after we’ve played long and hard, you’ll have to make it worth our while bitch boy…


Just think, you’ll be a sacrificing to Us, and getting a peek of all sorts of the mischief that we’re getting into. You could always beg to send more for creampie panties, TABOO anal creampie panties (just know that you’ll be paying out the ASS for these *Smirk*), teasing pictures, pedicures, pictures of your “doggy bag” from dinner, sweet pictures of us snuggled up if you’re a good pup at our feet, or personalized gifts.

Aren’t you lucky?


Now, I’m not COMPLETELY heartless…If you’re desperate to be drained, but too shy to be put on display, we can be discreet.

It will be our little secret.


Until then…

Ms. Laveau & The Beau

(Write Us with any questions.)

Right into my beautiful hands, beta boy.

Square Cash to $MsLaveau, or Western Union.

Mischief With the Fagamuffin


My little fagamuffin, pantypet669 knows that he’ll NEVER get what he longs for. Just a wanton, twitching, desperate little skank, eager to make me smile. Isn’t that right, cucklet? *Grins*


At this rate, you’ll have nothing left.MORE. STEP IT UP. We both know that you’ll never be able to please me with that pathetic excuse of a blip, so make me smile the only way you can. Poor little virgin…I should feel sorry for you, but this is more fun. HA!


Oh bitch boy…*Rattles your cage* You know what to do to make me smile. Do better, and after, put on your petticoat. 😉


A sweet little gift from a pin dicked, hand humping, WEAK willed fagamuffin. If you REALLY wanted to make me smile, and the Beau laugh, wimp, you’ll more. *Grins* Hop to it


Crawfish Season

Dear GOD, I’m full!

I’m all smiles, and wishing that I could roll over and pass out. We went out for all you can eat crawfish last night and they were amazing! I may have to go again some time this weekend.


Any of you have any fun plans, mischief, or mayhem? I’m not quite sure what I’d like to do yet, but you always know where to find me to get your fix.

Now, on to a little fun…


Those of you who stay in touch with me already know that I’ve started induced lactation again, and I’ve already noticed a difference. Some of you’ve seen. x They’re much fuller, and the stimulation is always a bonus. If you’d like to worship my swollen breasts, let me know!

Anywho, my queue is clearing out, so now is a good time to get your hands on a sexy pair.


Sniffs and lick, your Scent Siren,

Ms. Laveau

Bender: “I’m Back Baby!”

Hello ladies, sniffers and lickers!


Didja miss me? I’ve stayed in touch with friends, and regulars while I was away, not to mention lurking on the sites. What’d I miss?

(Pssst, here’s today’s pair.)


I’m happy to say that I’m dating again, but don’t worry, I’m !not going anywhere. Some of you may have actually come across him if you’ve been around panty sites for a while. He was one of my earliest buyers, and if you would have told me that it’d turn out this way, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I want to be more active on sites, and in groups, so by all means, drop me a line. Don’t be shy!

As for panty mischief here are the newest pairs that I’ve snagged this month. If you see something you’d love to bury your face in, you know where to find me!

Until next time,

Your Scent Siren

Ms. Laveau


Countdown to my vacation!

Hey kinksters and sniffers!

I’ve been pretty busy planning my vacation in the next few weeks, but I stay in touch with fiends that I’m close to. Y’all keep that post office busy, and I LOVE it! Hahaha

What are you lot up to, tonight? I’m in the mood for a few kik sessions, or setting up another panty/sissy bundle. Better hurry, I’ll only be around for a little while fueling your panty fetish, and keeping your dirty secrets. Write me, stat! (And keep your hands off of that thing. lol)

Eager to sniff and wear for me? Want to spoil me, and/or contribute to my vacation? Write me, and ask me how!

Email – Kik – LadyLaveau Twitter – @Scentzilla

When you write, tell me where you found my name, and what kinks we have in common!


Rub These Sexy, DIRTY Pairs All Over Your Face!

These sexy pairs are covered in my scent. ALL OVER. If you’ve yet to sniff, and taste me, now would be the chance to bury your face in them. Silky and lace panties feel wonderful against the skin, wouldn’t you say? The most sensitive areas…against your face.

Are you the eager panty addict that I think you are? Show me.

$50 each with 2-3 days of wear.

Want my scent on your nose and fingertips, write me, stat! It’s $15 for a each additional day. KiK:LadyLaveau Website: (Reviews, more panties, and other sites that I’m on listed there as well.)

Shipping – US: Free within the US with tracking. Priority is $5. International: $10-$25 depending on where you are.

Payment –Square cash, Bitcoin/Circle, or Western Union.


2 Day Cotton VS Cheekies Ready NOW! First Cum First Serve, Sniffer! x

Like what you see, panty lover? Click the picture to see the new panties in store for you. Those added have two days so far. I’ll take pictures of those with one day, over the weekend. There are a BUNCH. They’re all ready to go, NOW. See you soon. You know how to reach me.



Ms. Laveau


Hey Sniffers & Kinky Fiends!

Hey you pervy lot! It has been a while! I’ve stayed in touch with most of you via KiK, or on the phone, so I wasn’t away for TOO long. What’s new?

A sweet panty fiend sent me a few new gspot vibrators, and I LOVE them. Best means of stress relief I’ve had in a while. Hahaha I’ve been playing with them through the panties, so my gusset has soaked up every bit of my juices. I use them to wipe down each toy before I clean it.

Want a VERY sweet pair? I want you to bury your nose in them, and lick them until my scent is all over your chin.

I’ll play in them a few more times , and snap a few more pictures before I mail them off to you.

See you soon, sniffers.