Taking Requests. Write me, if you have any questions.

$10 Tedious Writing and Typing Assignments for Homework Slaves

I want a dedicated “homework” slave to complete tedious typing tasks and writing assignments for me.

I like knowing that you’re toiling away to make me smile as I’m enjoying my day.

It’d be more fun for me if you tell me about your quirks and kinks so that I can incorporate it into your lines.

A devoted worker bee would make it interesting for me.

I’ll use for my typists, but I’m feeling a bit deviant. Tell me if you like a little abuse. I want to make it so that you have to pay VERY close attention.

It’d be fun to make you pay for your mistakes.

Let’s get started, puppet.

$25 Let’s Make Use of That Thing! (SPH/Encouragement)

I know that you’re here in hopes of finding a way to make me smile with…that.

I know what some of you are thinking. “I’m not THAT small, this isn’t about me.”


It’s still useless. I don’t want it. Veiny? Nah. “But it’s _ inches!” Nope. “Girth!” *Yawn*

Just admit it. It turns you on knowing that no matter what you’re working with, it’s useless to me, doesn’t it? Let’s call it what it really is, a blip, and nothing more.Tell me, do you need to hear just how useless that little blip is?

Do you hope to be punished via tax because HOW ELSE are you going to put a smile on my face? I mean, REALLY?

Are you a pervy exhibitionist that needs to show the world your teeny secret?

Are you a little shy, sweet and embarrassed, and want to find other ways to truly please, serve, and make a beautiful woman happy?

$50 “Let it Go” Frosty Humiliation Task

Okay, I can’t stop laughing.

What I want, snowflake, is for you to put on a show for me.

I want you to fit as many ice cubes as you can into your ass, and lip sing and/or dance to Frozen’s “Let it Go” until it starts to melt, or you can’t hold them in anymore.

Record it for me, and I’ll laugh until I cry.

PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT! Bonus points if you wear a dress, or makeup. DO IT WITH FEELING!

Break a leg!

(Let me know if you want it for my private collection, if you need to hide your face, or if you want the world to see!)


Orgasm Denial

Cum Tax

Cock Rating

Forced Feminization

Write me, if you have any questions.