Call me Marilyn, or “Miss,” if you’re a subby panty boy.

I’ve been bouncing around panty sites for about seven years now, so if we’ve met, get over here, and say hey! Those that know me already know…I’m a HUGE tease, and I get a rush out of my mischief. What do I mean? I love tempt, torment, and help fuel your fetish with my intoxicating scent.

I’m a scent & lingerie fetishist, with an overflowing collection, and a vivid imagination that is lucky enough to get high off of my own scent.

Wanna bury your nose in a pair? Get over here!

Not into BDSM? No problem!

Kinks aside, I’m a big ol’ geek with a warped sense of humor. Drop me a line any time, if you’d just like to chat. I LOVE cooking, trying new foods, wine, reading, campy, kitschy fun, and all things LGBT, sci-fi, horror, or fantasy.

I’m not into the hot and heavy stuff. Sex sells, I get it, but that’s not the type of person that I am. This is a hobby, not a job. Besides, I’m married, with a family. Yes, everyone close to me knows all of my kinks and quirks. I’m an open book. I figure, if ya don’t like it, we weren’t meant to be friends, anyway.

Kinks and Quirks

– Lingerie – Bodily Worship – Teasing – Being Spoiled – Sissies – Tempting – Taunting – Denial – Forced Feminization – Humiliation – SPH – Financial Domination – Scent Imprinting

Things that I enjoy, outside of BDSM

– Anime – Bad Puns – Traveling – Reading – Cooking – People Watching – Movies – Learning – Shopping – Geeks – Video Games – Sci-fi – Horror – Fantasy –

Hard Limits
Any sexually explicit conversation, pictures, or interaction.
Anything illegal, or involves minors, or animals.
Scat or watersports
Submission, on my part.
Showing face or meeting

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