What Do I Smell Like?

You’re in for a treat, if you play your cards right…


As you can see, I’m all natural, my dirty sniffer, and that makes for the best, sexy, musky, feminine scent all over my gusset. That made you twitch, didn’t it, just hearing about them… I go on bike rides, often, so my intoxicating scent is really in there, after being rubbed against my body.

My panties are always held tight against my body, snug against my ass, so that it soaks up every bit of the scents that I love. The sweet scent of my sex, and the spicy, earthy smell of my ass.

It is HOT here in Texas, so I tend to work up a sweat, whether I want to, or not! I’m most comfortable unshaven, or trimmed to be neat, which is best for producing a stronger pair of panties.

My panties are more juicy, than creamy, now. I’m on birth control, so ovulation (the very heavy cream in the gusset) pairs are not an option.

If you’re a scent fetishist, I’d recommend going for the cotton pairs, since it is more absorbent, and will soak in more of my scent. My favorite smelly treat, is one that has been worn for about three days, to ensure that my scent will linger on your nose, and fingertips.

If you’re one who loves a silky feel, or something sexy, and sheer, I have lace, and silky pairs as well.