WHEW! 3 Day POTENT VS Cotton Boyshorts

I’m back at it, glistening with sweat, and panting, and I can’t get enough!

Had a great day cycling, and doing yoga, after chatting with a lot of you, sniffers, tonight. What were you thinking?


I don’t have much planned for the evening, just hanging out, relaxing with a margarita, and binge watching Penny Dreadful. I am HOOKED. Why the hell didn’t you tell me about this show?! I’ll never forgive you. Evah.

Anywho, I’ve been hitting the post office HARD, with these bundles. The last few have been full of no less than 6 pairs, and I’m packingĀ  another, for an old friend, this weekend.


This, is today’s pair, and it’s still up for grabs, if you’re ready for me. Cotton, covered in kitty, ass, sweat, all over. I LOVE IT. MMMPH! lol

Look at that!

It’s $50 for this sexy treat, and it’s first cum, first serve, sniffer!


Anywho, i’m off to watch more of this show, and probably drag queens, for the rest of the night. Dreamy smile. Write me, and I’ll get you ALL SET.