Dirty Gusset Shots, of READY PAIRS!

Hello, my sniffing fiends! What have you boys been up to? Hamper raids? Drooling over tasty pairs?

I’ve been dabbling a bit, but not actively online. It has been a pretty busy couple of weeks, so as each pair comes off, I’ve been stashing away, for our sniffing pleasure.

Here’s a peek at some of the gussets.

A couple of the others are smellier, and potent, but you’d never know, seeing the gusset.


Here are the ones that I’m talking about, along with the rest of my stash, in the bag. There are two pairs of boyshorts, and the rest, are cheekies, and bikinis.

As you can see, my stash is building, so I’m going to have to wash them soon, if I’m to wear anything at all, later! Hahaha Can’t just keep them dirty!

Anywho, loves, I’m off to relax. You know how to reach me, to start sniffing, and licking.

Ms. Laveau

New Pictures & One Happy Sniffer

Check out the new, sexy additions to my growing collection. My favorites? The sheer, the silky, and snug.

Look at this little pervert happy sniffing away at my panties, as his tiny pepper twitches. Did it keep you up at night? It must be hard, with small distractions taunting you as you drift off to sleep.


Thimbledick tries his best to measure up, but…come on, we all know. *Kisses and Bites, Panty Bitch!*