Bender: “I’m back, bebeh!”


Hello again, panty ladies, and lovers; it has been a while. I’m back after about a year long break, due to moving, new family dynamic, and all sorts of things. I want you to help me take my mind off of things. Not like that, you pervs. “Pantyland,” soothes me. It’s my sexy, scented, home away from home.

*Huge hugs*

So, I’m here, but mostly hanging out, and keeping it low key. Stop by and say hello, anytime! I’ll be posting pairs, just about every time that I go biking, as a “reward,” to keep myself going.

So, what’s new? Has anything huge happened while I’ve been away? I know that things must have blown up here, after they talked about the panty scene in Orange is the New Black. All I could say, when I saw the episode, was “God help the moderators, there’s no going back, now.” Hahaha

Anywho, I’ll be up, hanging out on the sites, updating, and watching Once Upon a Time, tonight. Talk with you soon!


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