I Want You to Eat My Gusset Like ‘s “Second Breakfast.”

Got your attention didn’t I? (You lil nerd. lol)


I’m taking pictures of the other available pairs this afternoon, and the room smells wonderful! Those that sniff my panties often know how riled up I get around the end of the month, and it doesn’t help that I’ve started taking horny goat weed. Just for fun, why not? Hahaha

Have you made your panty provider smile today? Trust me, when we’re happy, YOU’RE happy. πŸ˜‰ What makes our gussets glisten?

I LOVE it when you sniff and sacrifice for me.

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Happy Friday, kinksters. What are you up to tonight?

I’m watching Harlots, painting my toes, and about to paint my nails after making a bit of panty mischief. How about you? Let’s chat!


What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done, or come across during your mischief in “pantyland?” I wound up dating my second buyer from when I started ten years back. We’re at one year this month! lol Something a bit smaller, but sweet; I ran into a classmate on one of the sites. I’d always known he was kinky, and he actually bought me my first pair of hemp cuffs and gave it to me at school. lol Told me to wait until I got home to open it. He’sΒ  still a sweetheart.

Tell me something about yourself!

Kik – LadyLaveau Twitter – @ScentZilla Email – MarilynLaveau@yahoo.com

All smiles, and about to head back to the post.

Happy Friday panty fiends.20190719_122632

I’m all caught up, save for a sticky sissy package for a certain trollopΒ  (KEVIN) and my sweetheart Melody.

Soooo that means…you have a chance to get your fix.


Keep me smiling, panty lover, I want you hooked on my scent. Bury your face in my gusset, and show how much you crave it.

Until then,

Ms. Marilyn Laveau

Kik – Lady Laveau

Twitter – @ScentZilla

Cash App – $MsLaveau

Email – MarilynLaveau@yahoo.com


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Back in action with potent pairs!

Ey there sniffers. What’d I miss?


(Wore this smooth VS Bikini to the park today and sweated through the gusset. They’re still available! $35 first class tracking included with tracking. Add $10 if you’d like them vacuum sealed and sent via priority/tracking. International is $10-$15. I accept Cash app – $MsLaveau, cash sent with tracking to my P.O. Box, or Western Union x)

It’s weird being back, but I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. Seeing friends, and hitting the post office HARD. A bunch of you should be getting mail any day now. (My bad. *Sheepish grin*) That being said, my P.O. Box is renewed, my collection is sorted, and I’m finally able to relax.

What are you lot up to this weekend? Let’s talk.


Kik – LadyLaveau Email – MarilynLaveau@yahoo.com Twitter – @Scentzilla

Cash app – $MsLaveau

Your Scent Siren,

Ms. Marilyn Laveau

Longer Wear Time!

Happy Friday everyone!

Any fun plans ahead? Mischief? MAYHEM?!


(Available 3 Day Wear with LOTS of play)

I’m watching Good Omens as I do the domestic BS that I have to take care of before I get into the real fun. It’s too bad I don’t have a priss to prance about and help me.

Anywho, I’m sorting through which pairs are ready to go first, and it can be a little frustrating when the pair that you’re eager to post has faded a little upon drying.

Now, I know that once they’re around a bit of steam, it livens them back up, but I know how I normally smell after a day or two. If you pair takes a little longer, it means that I’ve sniffed them, and they’re getting a bit more wear before I send them to you. x Didn’t know that didja?! Heheh

I have a bunch of pairs with a day of wear that are ready to go now, if you’re ready to start sniffing, panty lovers.

Talk soon!

Kik – LadyLaveau Email – Marilynlaveau@yahoo.com


Just because…Here’s that twat Kevin. *Smiles* SAY HI TO EVERYONE! AHAHAHAHA


Lookin’ crazy as hell. ❀

Curry, Anime, & Teasing the Tramp!

Hey there sniffers and kinky fiends, what are you up to tonight?

I’m just relaxing and talking with some of you as I make curry and watch anime. I’m still smiling about teasing my sissy slut, Kevin, with my Beau the other night.


We couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of him being attached to the footboard of the bed via collar, and panting as he’s forced to listen to the both of us play. Can you picture him wallowing about in the messy sheets after we’ve gone to shower? Silly little skank, we love it. lol


Be a good panty pet and KEEP US SMILING!

I still have sexy, scented pairs available, so start sniffing panty lovers!

Write me on Kik – LaveauLaveau, Twitter – @Scentzilla, or via email Marilynlaveau@yahoo.com. TELL ME WHERE YOU FOUND MY CONTACT INFO WHEN YOU WRITE ME! lol

Until then…



Sneak a Peek at My Latest Sexy Pairs!

The house smells AMAZING right now. I lit my creme brulee candle and i’m baking squash, apples, garlic, and onions for the soup tonight.

What’s everyone up to? I’m watching standup, uploading my latest pictures, and relaxing a bit as I chat with some of my favorite fiends. x

Want to talk with me as you bury your face in my gusset? Write or follow me here:

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It’s $30 for the initial day of wear, $15 per day after, and $15 for HEAVY play for a day.

I accept the cash app $MsLaveau (Best), Amazon e-giftcards (Marilynlaveau@yahoo.com), or Western Union.

Shipping within the US is $5, and International is $10-Β  $15.

Write me with any questions, panty lover, talk soon.


Bury Your Face in Today’s Musky Workout Bikini, Panty Lover!


I’m currently wearing this cute, snug pair after a long walk outside. I’m in Louisiana, so you know it’s HOT!

Want to smell the spicy scent of my ass, panty lover?


$15 for each additional day, and $15 for hours of HARD masturbation with toys and squirting.

I accept Square cash – $MsLaveau, Western Union, and Amazon e-giftcards to my email Marilynlaveau@yahoo.com as a last resort with a $10 inconvenience fee.

Write me with any questions. You can reach me on KiK – LadyLaveau (Tell me where you found my screen name, or I’ll ignore it.) or via email.\

Each pair is sealed in a ziplock bag, wrapped in decorative tissue paper, and sent first class, with tracking, in a bubble envelope.

Priority shipping is $5 – $10 depending on the weight of the parcel.

International shipping is $10 – $20, depending on the weight.


Cash App – $MsLaveau

Western Union

Amazon e-giftcards as a last resort. ($10 inconvenience fee)

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Showing face

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all that applies to! I hope that you’re having a relaxing weekend.

As for you kink sniffers, I have A BUNCH of pairs that are fragrant and ready to go. Write me via email Marilynlaveau@yahoo.com, or Kik – LadyLaveau.

Talk soon,

Ms. Laveau

What a good, EAGER, trampy sissy WHORE!

I’m online looking for a new headboard with the Beau, and this limp dicked hand humper shows up happily wagging his “tail…” With good news! Well, for Us, at least.

Z4iuvZm0.jpg large

He’s hard at work making sure that we’ll be all smiles next month.

Oh, are you in for a treat Kevin…